dimanche 7 août 2011

Ode to Fox

Your black gooey eyes and frantic yap
Have, for some time, left me in a flap.
With all the remnants of bones you eat
Why, I ask, must you nibble my feet?
Chasing cars with your wonky gait,
Leaving drivers in a panicky state,
Your jumpy greetings and flea-ridden looks
Often make me drop my books.
But, dear Fox, this much is true,
During the holidays I fell for you.
When I returned, suitcase in tow,
My feelings for you started to grow;
There you were asleep at my door
Lazily swatting flies with your paw.
Ears pricked up, your eyes like dew
I suddenly realised... I had missed you!
Now I find you such a treat,
Your rainforest scavenging ever so sweet,
You faithfully follow wherever I roam,
Up mountains, to town, and all the way home
And when it's starting to get dark
You beckon me home with your piercing bark,
Fending off cows and snakes in my path
Hoping one day I'll give you a bath.
One thing at a time, my canine friend;
There are still fears with which to contend.
Waking me up at the crack of dawn
Leaves me feeling tired and drawn.
So please be patient and soon you shall see
... one of these days I might give you your tea!

2 commentaires:

  1. precisei ir ao tradutor, mas adorei a Ode a Fox, ela é fofinha mesmo. E vc escreve muito bem! Abraços. Jura

  2. This is wonderful! And so glad too you met the nice Brazilian family I know when you were in Sao Paolo... Blogs can be dull but this is great - and in verse as well! Every possible prayer for all you do and every prayer too for the new friends you made in Sao Paolo... Christopher