mardi 3 mai 2011

A Reflection on Trust

Some trust in chariots, in winning their wars,

Some trust in ladders, in opening doors.

Some trust in horses, cars, fancy flights,

Some trust in fighting, reaching new heights.

Some trust in kind words, embraces and praise,

Comforts and pleasures to fill in their days.

I once trusted in degrees, prestige, fame,

Now I will trust in one steadfast name.

I will trust in one love alone,

That thought me precious, worth being His own.

I will trust and respond to my call,

That I may well stumble, but never will fall,

That I may be flooded, but never will drown,

That I may feel fire but never burn down.

Though my heart may be heavy, the burden is light;

Former things gone, new hope in sight.

When? Where? How? Show me the way,

That I may trust in your promise today.

Based on Psalm 20 and Isaiah 43

3 commentaires:

  1. Brilliant - and praying for you, especially for the trip you had to Goiania, where I have a wonderful former pupil whom it would be great for you to contact... Praying for you! Christopher Catherwood (St Andrew the Great World Mission Group)

  2. Praying for your ministry! And thrilled that you got to Goiania where I have a former pupil whom I would love you to follow up - I have emailed you at what I hope is the right email address:

    Let me know! Dr Christopher Catherwood, St Andrew the Great World Mission Group

  3. It is amazing how things change. I knew of Brazil as a future superpower but until I started to teach a course of wonderful Brazilian study abroad exchange students in Cambridge back in September 2010 it was not really on my radar, though I did know some wonderful Brazilian Evangeilcals through IFES back in the 1980s.

    Now it is a part of the world that I pray for regularly - as all of us ought to do, so Heather being in Brazil and doing such great things for the Gospel is a brilliant prayer incentive for all of us.